I’m quickly approaching my ten-year anniversary as a full time Amazon copywriter. I’ve learned a lot over the past three years or so, giving me a perspective as well as appreciation for those who own a business I prior didn’t have.

Since first hanging away my shingle back in August 2010, I thought I would list a few benefits for having a long-term relationship with a Amazon copywriter.


if you are a small business owner, a startup or maybe perhaps a business person, it is going to benefit you significantly in case you seek to work with a copywriter for Amazon (or even a team of writers) for longer than merely a few months.

It takes a bit of time to cultivate an excellent relationship but as you are going to see, the rewards are well-worth it.

You Get to learn Your Amazon Copywriter

When you use exactly the same copywriter for numerous projects, you’ve the chance to get to know how they work. Those who work with me know that I’ll often send emails at the beginning of the morning, often before they’re even awake. I prefer accomplishing this for a few reasons. To begin with, I am by now up since my husband becomes up between 3:00 – 4:00 AM for work.

But I also like to send premature emails so they’re able to view it at the beginning of the day of theirs. I work hard at turning around both initiatives and interaction as quickly as possible as I understand I’m one simple piece for someone’s marketing puzzle.

You will find graphic designers putting my copy into printed or perhaps web format, web developers as well as designers, printers and trips to the post office. The sooner I is able to send in the part of mine of the task, the faster a marketing manager can take a look at it all and get started on the upcoming task of his.

This type of knowledge about me comes after working through a task or 2. People who work with me get to know the communication style of mine and exactly how I see things. I love to think of myself as somebody who can offer principle improvement additionally to composing the copy. I am an “idea person” and will bring up alternatives and options for marketing approaches that they have not considered.

The more a customer gets to know the Amazon copywriter of theirs, the more they know the writer is completely devoted toward exceeding their expectations for their services.

The Amazon Copywriter Gets to Know You

This’s very important. When a copywriter works along with you long term, she can anticipate your needs. For instance, we need to say you need brief, punchy copy. a new copywriter might not recognize that. It takes time to communicate the preferences of yours to your writer but as soon as you do, you are able to usually be assured they will remember this down the road.

When a Amazon copywriter understands your preferences

It greatly decreases the range of time you’ve to spend “babysitting” a task. You want to build a relationship of trust, realizing once you get the copywriter of yours a project, she is able to turn it around immediately with very little direction from you.

If you pull together the materials the copywriter of yours has to create the Amazon copy of yours, including customer personas, you can expect additional attention as well as courtesy from the writer of yours since you respects what she does.

The Amazon Copywriter Gets to Know The Business of yours

I saved the very best part for last. When you perform long-term with a copywriter, they get to know your business enterprise. If perhaps your business doesn’t get caught in one of their niche industries, they probably have expended a massive amount time in learning about it.

When a Amazon copywriter knows the business of yours, it indicates they keep up on new developments and the trends. You can feel comfortable that they’re pouring over business reports probably well after you’ve had the dinner of yours and retired for the evening.

Copywriters are investigate hounds

They’ve to be. Usually the application of theirs is loaded with research material. Copywriters are well known for appearing curious and quite often use a Kindle filled with books, articles, blogs, and websites dedicated to their client’s business.

This dedication pays off when your Amazon copywriter sits down to tap out your web copy, sell sheet, blog post, or some additional piece of content marketing and advertising. This investigation in your business (and what the audience is saying) pays off when your copywriter begins mapping out the information.


Bottom line: developing a relationship means building a relationship of trust. You know you can depend on a copywriter that has worked with you before and it is committed to providing you with the very best she’s got. If you return that trust, you have essentially developed an effective ally for getting good results.

There is nothing much better for a Amazon copywriter than knowing their copy helped deliver conversions or produced new leads for a business’ sales group. And you hardly ever get those kinds of results outside of a long term relationship.

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